"Wrightwood...Long Way Round"
Aug 15th, 2021


JUST ADDED! We'll be stopping at BAAK motorcycles in Burbank for a special tour of their new digs in Burbank! Just q few mikes from the shop, it will be our first stop before continuing out to the canyons! (Likely 10AM) Sweet!🤟

This is a 1/2 day (or so)  ride!!! Total mileage for the day... 140 miles RT. The route is not super technical... lots of long sweepers and high speed runs through sections of the high desert. You will definitely know you are out of LA. We expect the group to arrive in Wrightwood around noon. (Fuel & Food are abundant in Wrightwood.)
We've been frequenting the Evergreen Cafe & Yodeler Bar & Grill (right next to eachother), so why not just stick with it?

The ES3rdSR ride "officially" ends in Wrightwood.

This is done for several reasons:
1. Wrightwood is a bustling weekend tourist town. Park where you can!
2. Splitting our business between the many restaurants in town is good for the town & more efficient time wise. (See, we're learning!)
3. There are only 2 ways to get home. "awesome" and "lame". I suggest everyone take the Angeles Crest South, break at Newcomb's Ranch.... back in LA mid afternoon. 70 miles of "Awesome"!

Everyone freeride back to LA via the Angeles Crest Hwy to wherever you call home. (Aprox 70 miles)

Assuming 1 hour lunch in Wrightwood....back in LA by 3pm!

Meet at the shop 9:00AM, with a full tank. (there's a Shell station just around the corner)
Kickstands up at 9:30am!

As always, complete routing through google maps here.

We hope you join us.