Wow, spectacular turnout & good time had by all. Pics added 3.23.2021!

You are in for a treat! We pre-ran the route last weekend to assure quality! Expect a chilly start in the morning. Wear layers and good gloves! (And have someplace to put them as things warm up) Should be 70 degrees at Peggy Sue's... perfect riding weather!

Meet at the shop at 9:30Am with a full tank of gas! Kick Stands up at 10AM folks! (Not kidding)

First Rest stop /fuel stop @ 59 miles
Unocal 76            (approx. 11:30am)
8324 CA-138,
Phelan, CA 92371

Morman Rocks Look Out @ mile 60  (approx. 11:45am)
3732-3734 CA-138
Phelan, CA 92371

Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch @ mile 93 (approx. 12:30pm)
24266 National Trails Hwy
Oro Grande, CA 92368

Lunch at:                                                              1-1:30pm
Peggy Sue’s Diner @ Mile 127
35654 Yermo Rd
Yermo, CA 92398

The “Official” Ride ends with lunch and messing around the Dry lake bed & Calico Ghost Town.

Lots to see and much to do. Hang as long as you want!

Likely much of the group will want to start heading home after 3pm…but there's no organized ride home.

Fuel for home – back into town (across from Peggy Sue’s)
Chevron/Dry Lake Bed
35555 Ghost Town Rd.
Yermo, CA 92398

Here's the route in google maps:


Thanks Gene for these awesome pics!

Here' Super Sonic Noise's pics: (Thanks Jason!)