At CTD, we only want the best for you:

Improving your riding skills
Get faster...safely.
Have an AWESOME time,
& come home safely!

That's what Classic Track Day is about and why we pimp it so much.

I know, you don't have leathers
NO WORRIES; Alpinestars is on hand to lend you what you need for FREE!

I don't have a track bike, my bike's not going to be competitive.

Who are you kidding? This is likely your first track day & you weren't going to be competitive even if you brought an S1000RR! 🙂 At CTD, vintage bikes are mixing with lower power modern bikes. Track speeds are accordingly down a bit, making it a great environment to get your confidence up. (Plus, being passed sure builds character!)

Believe me: Your bike will be awesome on the track!

Plus, it's Classic Track Day!

CDT is newbie friendly to the max. We expect you to ride safely, not necessarily FAST....

You wanna get faster?
This is how.
Practice in a safe environment!

Big Willow

The main track at Willow Springs Raceway, informally called “Big Willow”, consists of 9 turns. The layout is built for speed, but combines speed with turns and elevation changes to offer a unique challenge. It is possible for a capable car or motorcycle to exceed 160mph on the front straightway.

Streets Of Willow

Streets of Willow is a 1.6-mile road course, very technical (think Little Tujunga Canyon Rd) ...great for smaller displacement motorcycles.

Horsethief Mile

Horse Thief Mile is a 1-mile (1.6 km) road course with 11 turns featuring major elevation changes, tight turns and canyon-like surroundings.

Full Tack Day Logistics

Track Days start early. (there's a mandatory meeting at 7AM).

  • Many riders arrive the night before. Parking lot (tent, car) camping is FREE.... or trailer up or ride up in the early morning. (leaving LA like 5AM!)
  • Honestly, it's possible to ride out at 5AM, do the track day & ride home. But, it's a massive day. We've all done it (once) and operate differently from then on. 🙂 But hey, maybe your tougher than me! Plus, there's only one way to learn. 🙂
  • There's an onsite cafe that opens @ 9AM and says open most of the day. So,other than your mandatory 7AM coffee, everything else is covered.

Rolling With Moto Republic

Moto Republic will be there with premier parking for your bike, shade, seating & camaraderie.
(Plus "hi-fives" are free all day!)

Saturday March 30th - Big Willow - $215
Sunday March 31st - Streets Of Willow - $215

Once you checkout you will receive a confirmation email and will be added to the riders list.
As the event approaches, you'll receive an email with final instructions & schedule for the day.
We're excited that you are going to join us!

Have additional questions? reach out to us here.

Ready to book?
April 13th - Big Willow

November 16th - Horsethief Mile

November 17th - Streets Of Willow