No one plans to go down. Always be prepared for the unknown.
At a minimum; a full-face helmet, armored jacket, & good pair of motorcycle gloves. Oh, and denim really doesn't cut it as protective gear anymore. May we suggest adding a pair of armored riding jeans to your kit this summer? Ride safe & ride smart everyone.


Tires, brakes & Chain would be the bare minimum to check when you walk around your bike in the morning. Go to our FB page to link to Motorcyclist's awesome article on "How To Perform A Motorcycle Pre-Ride Inspection". Even seasoned riders can use a reminder now and then.

It's pretty awesome when you have a group of motorcyclists riding as one unit, anticipating each other's moves & looking out for each other (on and off the road). I hope you've experienced it, and if you have.... you know it's only possible after logging lots of miles with each other. Until then? Pick your riding partners carefully and give each other a little more space on the road. People sometimes do some crazy ish.


Going for a ride today? Remember to do whatever you can to help other drivers see you on the road. This includes making sure all your lights are in working order, wearing gear with brighter colors, and staying away from other's blind spots. Be safe out there!

Make no mistake, riding may be relaxing, but it's hard work too. Riding tired affects your vision as well as your reaction time. Riding exhausted is a recipe for going down. Keep an eye on your energy level, plan frequent breaks on long rides, & arrive safely, my friend.