If you planning on parking your bike while here are some helpful tips for stress free motorcycle storage. (& ways to make sure your bike is ready to go when you are!)

Long Term Motorcycle Storage


Consider installing a Battery Tender. There are many brands and models, but we recommend Battery Tender's Jr. Model. At $39.95, it’s a no brainer.
The difference between a “tender” and “battery charger” is that a tender monitors your battery and only charges when it needs it. It can stay hooked on the battery indefinitely. (That way you battery will be ready to go when you are.)

If you’ve only planning a short break from riding, alternatively, you could also just remove the negative lead from your battery. All motorcycles draw at least a little electricity - even when off (What???, I know!!) . Removing the (-) battery lead isolates the battery completely - no more draw!


Storage, ethanol fuel & carburetors are no-longer friendly with each other. 🙁 We suggest removing the remaining fuel out of your carb’s float bolts, either by draining, or letting it run till it runs out of fuel. Fuel injected bikes seem to be do fine with storing and ethanol fuel, but you likely be asking for a carb rebuild quote if you let it sit 3 weeks with fuel in the bowls.


A good cover makes all the difference when storing a bike for any period of time. Additionally, its a good way to protect your bike from vandalism or theft - out of sight is out of mind. There’s a cover for every budget, but keep in mind you always get what you pay for. A $25 cover will likely get you through the “stay at home order”, but a thicker canvas cover will be a keeper ! (It should last at least a year outside.) Nelson Rigg's Defender model is %100 waterproof and has heat resistant lower panel that alows you to put the cover on right when you park. (Cheaper cover will just melt and make a mess on your pipes (so much for $$$ saved - beware!)