Well, I'm going to have to admit besides cleaning the carbs & gettin' us a runner, we've been falling a little bit behind in our Hawk build. Not to say we aren't constantly thinking about it!
Case in point: We have a clearer idea where were headed now that our resident designer put a sketch together for us. (Thanks Seena!)
We're also planning to go USD for the front forks & have seen VFR Rear wheels successfully adapted for the rear.... that means a honkin' 180 in the back gents!
Now we're talking.

Our timeline: realistically...probably way to long. 👎😜 (It's a process folks.)
We hope to have it in decent enough shape to do some shakedown runs at Willow March 7th for "Classic Track Day."

Check out that event here: CLASSIC TRACK DAY

Until the next update!