02/16/20 - Highway 33 Special

Hey East Side Riders, we've got a good one for you this month!  This 3rd Sunday, we'll be making the trek out to Southern California's best (and worst kept) secret canyon road - Highway 33 between Cuyama and Ojai! It's a 200 mile day, so we'll be out all day. The stretch between Pine Mt & Ojai is 90 miles... so please make sure you have a tank that has at least 100 miles in it!

Meet at the shop 9:00AM, with a full tank (there's a couple fuel stations just up the street from the shop).

From the shop, we'll head up the 5 Interstate for a long 'lift hill' before we pull into Gorman for our first fuel stop - regroup at the Shell, then get ready for some backroad fun!

When it comes to our weather forecast coming through Frazer Park and Pine Mountain Club, I've got two words: effin' cold!  Plan on wearing layers, and bring along some thicker gloves if you've got 'em, 'cause we expect the thermometer to dip below 50F at some point.  We'll have a quick regroup and optional fuel stop at the Pine Mountain Auto Center, then on to warmer climes!

After we roll through the beautiful Bitter Springs Wildlife Refuge (watch out for the bears!), we'll have a lunch stop at The Place in Ventucopa.  It's a real place with real (awesome) food, we promise!  Afterwards, it's on to the main event: the worst kept secret in CA backroads, State Highway 33 into Ojai.

And that's pretty much it!  Feel free to join us for a light snack and rest stop at the Ojai Deer Lodge, otherwise it's a freeride back home (you still have to pay for your own gas though :P).


Here's the route in Google Maps:  https://goo.gl/maps/JYsR4GepLUfJ7b8Q9

Hope to see you all there!  Remember: Kickstands up by 9:30am (seriously)!