Join us this weekend – April 18th – for this month's ES3rdSR.  We’re doing a twist on our “Castaic Lake Classic“ route & trying some new things! (You know we always try and give you a little extra bang for the buck!)

Fist deviation is we’re gonna check out Ruby Canyon…. The site of 1928 St. Francisquito Dam disaster. (There's a little walking involved , but it's shaded_)

Secondly, to try and streamline the lunch break, we are NOT going to the Rock Hotel for lunch, but offering take-away box lunches from Habitat Coffee in Eagle Rock.

We’ll cart & deliver it to you along the route! (I, Know!)
We’ve got a great spot picked out for lunch.
Many thanks for Habitat for the group discount!

I’ve pre-ordered some Jersey Torpedo’s, Roasted Turkey Club, Chicken Wraps, Tuna Salad & one Deviled egg sandwich (I kinda wanted to try it 😊 myself)

$12 bucks get you an artisanal sandwich, side & a cookie.

MR will have drinks on hand… so we got you covered!


Box lunches can be ordered at the start of the ride.
Please support your local business, they really appreciate it!

As always…… meet at 9AM, get your order in, and kick stands up at 9:30!

We hope you decide to join us!

Here’s the route via google maps.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the this photo archive!
Most notably; Jason Evaristo - Eric Scot & Bálint "Bob" Meggyesi - If I forgot anyone who contributed, please let me know.

Pretty good sized group - I guess we got the word out this time!
Fuel Stopo n the other side of Little Tijuana Canyon.

Sightseeing.... the Damn Damn

Oh yeah, we rode!

OurOur secluded lunch spot - Fantastic scouting Francisco!!!