ES3rdSR  5.19.2019

This weekend's East Side 3rd Sunday Ride rolls on outa’ Los Angeles on May 19th at 9:30AM.
You’re gonna want to put on your “big boy pants” for this one...245 miles RT.

We’re tripping the light fantastic through Gorman, Frazier Park, Pine Mountain, Ventucopa & down Hwy 33 (um, epic!) into Ojai. We lunch at “The Place”, a Moto friendly roadside diner. Elk burgers & homemade pie. (I know, I had you at Elk burgers👀)

245 miles round trip kids... so it’s gonna be an all day ride. (Tell your Mom so she doesn’t worry.) Back in LA by 5pm or so.

Our “Long Day Round” route is a little stingy on fuel, so those with peanut tanks beware! (But you can make it!)

We will stop at every gas stop possible when we loose the highway.

It’s a little bit of a highway burn to get there (and back), but we promise you... it’s worth it.👍 Meet at 9AM at Moto Republic.

Link to route & directions via Google Maps:

 “Long Day Round” (route from Moto Republic to last gas and meetup point in Ojai.)

East Sider's Route home from Ojai

West Sider's Route home from Ojai

Hey, we're planning more Moto Events than just he ES3rdSR's in 2019!
Aching to get your tires on something outside of Cal Trans authority??
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Feel Free to contact us with any questions you have.

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