Ducati Specialists
Ducati 848

We provide Desmodromic valve adjustment, and tuning services for a wide variety of 2V and 4V models including:

Superbikes: 748, 748S, 749, 749D, 749S, 848, 996 Bip, 996 Mon, 996S, 998, 998 Matrix, 998S BIP, 998S MON, 998S Bostrom, 999, 999S, 1098, 1098S, 1198SP, 1198, 1198S, 1198S Corse
Hypermotard: - 796, 1100, 1100S, 1100 Evo, 1100 Evo SP
Monster: 600M, 620, 620D, 620 Matrix, 620 Capirex , 695, 696, 696 Dark, 696 ABS, 750, 750D, 750S, 750C, 796, 796 ABS, 800, 800S, 800D, 900, 900C, 900D, 900M, 900S, S2R1000, 1100, 1100S, S2R, S2RD, S2R1000, S4, S4RS, S4RS Tricolore, M1000, M1000D, M1000S
Multistrada: 620, 620D, 1000DS, 1000S DS,1100, 1100S,1200,1200 ABS, 1200S,
Streetfighter: Streetfighter, Streetfighter S
Sport Classic: GT1000, GT1000 Touring, Sport1000, Sport1000S, Paul Smart 1000LE, MH900E
Supersport: 620 Sport, SS750, 750 Sport, 800 Sport, SS800, SS900, 900 Sport, SS1000, SS1000DS
SportTouring: - ST2, ST3, ST3 ABS, ST4, ST4S, ST4S ABS

Hey, we love wide-open throttle as much as the next rider, but you can’t live there.
Don’t accept rough street performance as a cost of having all that race-bred Italian horsepower at your disposal. We can make your Ducati run so smoothly that even cruising will be a joy!

A complete tune at Moto Republic includes valve adjustment, resetting the throttle position sensor (TPS), balancing throttle bodies and tuning for optimum performance at light throttle. It is very common to find these components out of spec, sometimes having never been adjusted at all.

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