Coarse Gold Road - Entry Level

Coarse Gold Road is a 11 mile stretch of easy fire road in Santa Clarita. It’s open to trucks, motorcycle, quads and hikers (although I’ve always found it pretty free from oncoming traffic). This route is intended as EASY introduction to adventure riding. That said, it’s not necessarily going to easy! It will be surprisingly challenging if it’s your first time on dirt! The first time I did it, it took me way over an hour, stopping to rest, talking about things that happened (or almost happened), picking up you or your buddies bike after a silly fall, etc. We’re not going to worry about timing at all. Take it at your own pace and brag about only droping your bike once later! 😊

After we arrive at the northern most part of the route, I’m anticipating turning right around and running the route backwards!
(It’s a whole different experience the other way… plus more seat time!)

If you’ve found that 11 miles was enough for now, that’s totally cool too!

Here's the route in google maps: