3rd Sunday Ride  - Crystal Lake / GMR / Mt Baldy - April 21st, 2019

Oh man, if you have not experienced Glendora Moutain Road before, you are in for a treat 9AM, with a full tank. (there's a Shell station just around the corner) Kickstands up at 9:30.... no foolin'!

Alternatively, you can also join the group at the Arco station (100 N. Azuza Ave.) off exit #39 of the 210 at Azuza. With any luck, the group will be rolling in around 10:00 - 10:15AM to regroup before heading up the hill!

Here’s a pic of the full route:

Sure, there’s 25 minutes of boring highway until we exit for the 39 in Azuza. (but I promise.....it’s worth it!)

We’ll re-group at the Arco station just north of the freeway. From then on, it’s all twisty road goodness!

We'll head north on the 39 towards San Gabriel Dam. (26 miles of nice twisties) About 1/2 way up to Crystal Lake, notice the trestle bridge where E. Fork Rd intersects with San Gabriel Canyon... we'll be turning on E. Fork Rd on our way back down to GMR.

Continuing north of San Gabriel Canyon past E. Fork Rd.....12 more miles of seriously twisty tarmac up to Crystal lake where we stop for a hand wringing and fresh coffee.

Heading back down the hill, we take a LEFT over the trestle bridge onto E. Fork Rd. (We just talked about this!)
5.6 miles - Right on Glendora Mt. Rd.Optional rest stop at the intersection of Glendora Mt. Road and Glendora Ridge Route. Awesome views, great photo op...  (and a good place to process what just happened!)

Back on the road we head EAST on Glendora Ridge Route. Warning: GRR looks ONE WAY, and there’s no center line… but it’s a two way road! There could be occasional oncoming traffic! Check yo’ self,and enjoy the sketchy mystery. (12 miles)

Left on Mt. Baldy Rd, Mt Baldy Lodge is ½ mile up the road on the right. Burgers, beers and onion rings. Probably not a whole lot of Vegan offerings.After lunch, everyone is on their own to go south on Mt Baldy Rd and slab it back on the 210 (41mi) or do the whole ride backwards! (How’s that for flipping the switch? … Now you are oncoming traffic!)

Hope you join us!
(Kickstands up at 9:30AM… seriously.)