ES3rdSR  1/19/2020


ES3rdSR  1/19/2020

Oh man, if you have not experienced Glendora Ridge Road or Glendora Mt. Road before, you are in for a treat!
NOTE: As of 1/1820 the stretch of GMR between the outlook and Mt Baldy is closed for repairs, so we have an alternative route planned this time.
Plus, it's nice to mix things up every once in a while.

Meet at the shop 9:00AM, with a full tank. (there's a Shell station just around the corner)

Sure, there’s 25 minutes of boring highway until we exit for the 39 in Azuza. (but I promise, it’s worth it!)
We’ll re-group at the Arco station just north of the 210 freeway. From then on, it’s all twisty road goodness!

Brrrr. it is likely a little colder at the top, so please consider bringing some good gloves and dress in layers.
(yes, we told you so!)

Oh, and depending on the temps, we may or may not include Crystal lake stretch.
Let's see what the weather Gods bring us.

Here's the route in google maps:


Hope you join us!
(Kickstands up at 9:30AM… seriously.